In the universe of chiming/musical watches at Jacob & Co., the minute repeater came first, in the Palatial collection and in the Twin Turbo and Twin Turbo Furious. Then, the decision was made to add actual music to the watches, and the Opera Collection was introduced. The 49mm Opera timepiece was the first luxury timepiece to combine a high watchmaking triple-axis tourbillon movement with a two-comb, two-cylinder Swiss music box. The Opera Godfather took the Opera one step farther, introducing the theme music from

, followed by the Opera


  • Minute Repeater chimes out the hours, quarter-hours and the minutes, on-demand
  • Triple-axis, high-speed Tourbillon rotates in three axes
  • Two-comb two-cylinder Swiss music box function plays the theme music from
  • Marlon Brando as Don Corleone image on the 18K rose gold and black lacquered piano with moving keys
  • Logo of
  • from Paramount Pictures
  • 18K rose gold violin winding crank winds both the power reserve (clockwise) for the movement and the musical complication (counterclockwise)
  • Setting via 18K rose gold lift-out box on the case back
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Bracelet material black
Case material 18K Rose Gold and Sapphire
Water resistance 30m
Body diameter 49mm


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