Buy Exotic cars with Bitcoin

Users can now browse through one-of-a-kind Lexus F Models, known as "Euphoria on wheels," as a part of their performance division. This model and others are now available in large selection on CryptoExchange, the premier car marketplace for Bitcoin. Since 2007, "F" has combined mind-blowing style and high-octane performance to bring their vehicles to the next level. Buyers can still enjoy everyday luxury in the following models.

Why you should buy Lexus with Bitcoin

Users can pay for various Lexus models from anywhere globally as long as they have Internet access. Unlike wire transfers, Bitcoin does not require users to visit a physical bank location.

Classic Lexus models available for Bitcoin

Among the available models on CryptoExchange are the RC 300, complete with 260 HP and a 3.5 L V6 engine. For everyday driving, the vehicle also offers a favorable fuel rating of 12.2/9.0 (CITY/HIGHWAY).

For a more agile offering, the Lexus IS is also available for purchase with a wide range of colors and features.

How escrow works when you purchase a Lexus:

  1. The Buyer and Seller register for an account with and agree to set terms in the transaction. Terms may include the car's condition (mileage, absence of body damage), shipment method, and price.
  2. The Buyer submits the agreed-upon payment to the escrow service.
  3. An escrow service verifies the payment and notifies the Seller that they can proceed with shipping the vehicle. Details of the shipment, especially if it is not an approved partner of, must be submitted to the cryptocurrency exchange.
  4. The Buyer then receives the vehicle. As specified in the agreement, a set number of days are given for the Buyer to inspect the luxury car against the agreed-upon details and determine if they would like to accept the item.
  5. Once the Buyer confirms the vehicle is in good condition, they can inform the cryptocurrency escrow service, and they will release funds to the Seller.